All current members of IPC are allowed one table reading per year as part of their regular membership, 等待可用性. 每月有一次阅读表, 每月可要求额外阅读, 但不能保证, 根据引导者时间表. Non-members are able to schedule a table reading for $50, which can be paid for via the IPC website. Until further notice, all table readings will be virtual in response to the ongoing pandemic. IPC will re-evaluate as time passes, but does not guarantee any in-person readings at this time. 看到IPC的 虚拟事件策略.


由于请求数量和IPC的增长, the following will be 要求 prior to scheduling a table reading (this is suggested for all and 要求 对非成员国):

你必须带一份10分钟的作品样本 现场晚上 to help the IPC team determine if a table reading is the best next step for the piece. (现场之夜是免费的会员和 非会员10美元.)

This will also help prepare the 剧作家 for how feedback is structured at IPC and what to expect.

如果我们的桌读协调员不能参加现场之夜, 现场之夜协调员随后将与他们联系.

如果经过夜景阅读, 这部作品被确定为可供表读, 日期将会确定. 这是非会员的付款期限.

如果经过夜景阅读, the work is determined to better benefit from other developmental steps, the Table Read Coordinator will reach out with the feedback and other potential steps. 这可能包括额外提交给现场晚上, 私人教练建议, 额外的评论/编辑, 等.


A table reading with IPC is one of the last steps in a play’s developmental cycle. 然而,每件作品的创作历程都是不同的. It is not uncommon for a piece to best develop with multiple table readings before moving on to a staged reading, which is traditionally the ‘final’ step before a production in a play’s development cycle. 事实上, it is incredibly common for work to hit the table reading step several times during its growth. With that in mind we would like to outline a few things in what an IPC table reading is and is not:


The 剧作家 is looking for feedback to better the development of the piece.

这可能不是剧本的初稿, but rather a more polished version that is formatted properly and relatively free of typos and grammatical errors. 这出戏预计已成草稿, but it is expected that the 剧作家 has made some effort to put a clean copy together for the reader.

This is NOT a performance opportunity, but a developmental opportunity.


Now that you’ve scheduled your table reading and it has been confirmed, please see below so that you can best be prepared for what your role and responsibilities will be and what the IPC facilitator’s responsibilities will be. Remember, IPC is run by a group of volunteers, so please be respectful of their time and talents.


发送一份完整的剧本草稿, 以及演员阵容(包括替身建议), 和头像. 这些项目要在阅读前三周交.

关于翻倍的重要说明: We ask that any piece (even if it requires less than 6 actors) be evaluated for doubling opportunities. 即使它不会在真正的生产中工作, 请理解这不是一个生产, 这是一个发展机遇. A role that only appears in one scene might be vital and important to be separate from any other character in production, 但是对于阅读来说, 双倍是完全可以接受的. We require that you work on doubling to try to get your scripts to 6 or fewer actors. 有时候这可能是不可能的, but we believe the attempt offers a good exercise for the 剧作家. We ask that you condense your cast into as few actors as possible to be respectful of their time and limit the risk of technological issues.

The 剧作家 agrees to promote their reading so that they can solicit feedback from their peers, 朋友, 家庭, 或其他. 因为这不是表演, 本身, 请向与会者解释,欢迎反馈意见. (Note that not all attendees can stay for the feedback portion and may contact the 剧作家 offline with their impressions, 或者根本没有.)

The 剧作家 is challenged to listen during the feedback portion and resist the urge to answer questions or react. 

Playwright will send a list of questions they have for the listeners and goals for the reading one week prior to the actual event.


 The facilitator will cast the reading based on who would legitimately play those roles in a production. 剧作家明白在特殊场合, gender/race/age blind casting might be utilized due to actor availability.

The actors will have the script at least one week before the performance, 但这将是一个冷酷的解读. 这提供了更好的发展体验, 因为它展示了演员对作品和角色的第一印象.

IPC将通过其渠道推广阅读, but this is not to replace the 剧作家’s responsibility to promote their work and reading.

促进者将创建事件, 管理Zoom呼叫, 并促进实际阅读,包括反馈. The goal is to complete the feedback portion of the event within an hour after the reading has completed, 晚上10点结束整个体验, 或者可能的话更早.

The facilitator will guide the discussion to ensure the questions/goals of the 剧作家 are addressed.

The table reading will also be recorded and stored with the facilitator for 2 months.


在你难以置信的读表完成之后, the facilitator will begin the process of downloading and saving the recording of the table reading and the chat. 此文件仅保存2个月. 为了得到录音, the 剧作家 will need to send a digital link to the facilitator within those two months that allows the facilitator to upload the files. Dropbox has options for free available, but it is by no means the only option.  剧作家明白,无论他们使用什么系统, they need to send a link that allows the facilitator to upload without setting up an account. 协调员可以协助提出建议和排除故障. Any lingering questions, concerns, or feedback is welcome even after the reading is completed.


给玛丽·卡蒂发邮件 indianapolism@gmail.com 启动程序或提出任何问题!


一月,南希·邓波儿, 这封信

二月,凯特·达菲, 总会有事的,奈德神父

三月-博士. L. Jan Eira

四月——安·斯尼德, 奥古斯汀追求

五月——塞莱斯特·威廉姆斯, 美国的流浪

六月- Paul K. 史密斯, 参加俄国战争的妇女

  • 1月31日:马克·哈维·莱文, 保存哈姆雷特
  • 2月25日:博士. L. Jan Eira 迫在眉睫的危险
  • 3月25日:凯西·罗斯 版权 安全
  • 4月:推迟
  • 5月17日:珍妮丝·尼尔 二月的那一天
  • 6月24日:朱莉·扎法拉诺, 在版面之上
  • 7月29日:朱迪思·罗宾逊, 亚洲体育博彩平台之鬼
  • 8月31日:马西娅·埃皮奇-哈里斯 寻求尼采
  • 9月30日:苏珊·马斯特斯, 玫瑰盛开的地方
  • 10月28日:玛丽帕特·艾伦, 凡人之爱
  • 11月18日:凯西·罗斯 Tortillo!

2020年2月:路易斯·珍妮拉, 保持小

2020年4月:马西娅·埃皮奇-哈里斯, 塞尼加与尼禄的灵魂; 特拉维斯麦克德蒙, D-Bag

2020年5月:伊妮德·科奇诺斯 支持主

2020年6月:山姆·希尔 《麻烦:文字游戏

2020年7月:乔西·格林里奇 Glamma

2020年8月:迈克尔·多诺霍 Moore or Less about Nothing2020年12月:玛丽·卡蒂, 你好,汤米

2020年9月:桑德拉·海耶斯 闻所未闻的保证

2020年10月:安德鲁·布莱克 同性婚姻对我意味着什么; Maripat Allen, 准爱网站; Dr. L. Jan Eira 大一新生

2020年11月:梅根·安·雅各布斯 应对秋天; Laura Goodenow, 神圣的

2019年9月:马西娅·埃皮奇-哈里斯, 这个职业

2019年10月:塞莱斯特·威廉姆斯 印地赛车流浪

2019年11月:布兰迪·安德伍德和乔·巴尔桑蒂, 我们天父的宝藏

2019年12月:凯文·格林 通知上升


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If you have a complete draft of your play, you may be ready for a full table read. We hold monthly table reads for members — first come, first served. 电子邮件 梅根·安·雅各布斯,我们的表读协调器,来设置一个表读. 她会选演员,安排读书会. If you have not received a confirmation, that means you are not signed up! 大流行期间, all table reads will be online via Zoom and will be scheduled based on coordinator, 剧作家, 演员可用性.  

问题? 给印第安纳剧作家协会发邮件 ipcinfo@indiana作家.org.


2020年12月:玛丽·卡蒂, 你好,汤米

November 2020: Laura Goodenow, 神圣的; 梅根·安·雅各布斯, 应对秋天

2020年10月:博士. L. Jan Eira 大一新生

2020年9月:桑德拉·海耶斯 闻所未闻的保证

2020年8月:迈克尔·多诺霍 Moore or Less about Nothing

2020年7月:乔西·格林里奇 Glamma

2020年6月:山姆·希尔 《麻烦:文字游戏

2020年5月:伊妮德·科奇诺斯 支持主

2020年4月:马西娅·埃皮奇-哈里斯, 塞尼加与尼禄的灵魂; 特拉维斯麦克德蒙, D-Bag

2020年2月:路易斯·珍妮拉, 保持小

2019年12月:凯文·格林 通知上升

2019年11月:布兰迪·安德伍德和乔·巴尔桑蒂, 我们天父的宝藏

2019年10月:塞莱斯特·威廉姆斯 印地赛车流浪

2019年9月:马西娅·埃皮奇-哈里斯, 这个职业



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